Hang & Daniel - April 25th

My first Anzac Day in Australia, and what an experience! The weather gods taunted us with pouring rain the night before the wedding but fortunately the outdoor wedding went on as planned at Aspen Island, despite the frigid winds and brooding skies. We still managed to get some great light poking through the clouds afterwards and found some fun places to play around. Just when we finished at dusk the rain started to come again and then poured all evening. Phew! The happy couple wasn't phased at all and we had a great time.

Victoria & David - April 18th

It was a gorgeous autumn day in Canberra. We managed to get out to the lake before the sun went down and take in some nice scenery with a large entourage of mainly Canadian onlookers. It was fun to hang out with so many good people. The reception venue at Hotel Realm was a great place to stage an event. Here are a few of my favourites...

New Zealand

I got away to the beautiful South Island of New Zealand for 9 days and managed to make it all the way around and see some amazing sights.


Moeraki Boulders

Touring Milford Sound and all its waterfalls

The lush rainforest near Milford Sound

I had to throw in a sheep photo...

A nice vista from the top of a pass

Desolate Farewell Spit on the north tip of the island

A New Zealand Fur Seal

Going for a walk on the Kaikoura Peninsula

And finally we swam with wild, jumpy Dusky Dolphins... I was lucky to catch an aerial display.

Katie & Justin - March 28th

I got out with Kelly for her shoot on Saturday on a perfect autumn day. We hit some interesting spots like the merry-go-round and Mt. Stromlo (as the mountain bikers looked curiously on).