Parksville Wedding Photographer - Kathryn & Jonathan

It was serendipity to be able to photograph Kathryn & Jon’s wedding, which took place in Parksville, B.C. at beautiful Pacific Shores Resort & Spa. My wedding was happening the week after in Victoria and we were only back home for 10 days had already booked my ticket when they announced their wedding date. I was flattered that they chose me as their photographer, even though the little voice inside me thought it might be a bit hectic to shoot a wedding a week before my own! But I really was so honoured to be able to capture such special friends’ memories. Not only that, but many friends at the wedding were to be at ours as well, so it was a great chance for my now-wife and I to catch up beforehand.

Their wedding story is a fun one: they met at a 'check-out' counter at Thrifty Foods (Jon instinctively picking the line with the cute girl in it) where Jon used his charm to strike up a conversation that spilled over into the parking lot before exchanging numbers. He even tried to convince her to go to his party that night instead of her own birthday party! The rest, as they say, is history. Then while Jon was away on a trip to Cuba with friends without her, Kathryn got really clear she wanted to get married and phoned him up and proposed! Not the conventional way, but makes for a great story. Not only that but they decided to get married just over 3 months later. How amazing the wedding went with such little time is really a testament to the determined people they are and the great friends they have. They are also one of the most fun couples I know, and the photos reflected that. After the ceremony we went to the local Thrifty’s and reminisced a little (their motto ‘the smiles in the bag for you’ was very appropriate), and they caused quite a stir. Then we stopped at the mini-golf where they had played the day before, then headed to the wide expanses of Rathtrevor Beach which Parksville is famous for.

At the reception, Canucks fever was revving high judging by all the napkin-waving from the guests (Vancouver had just won Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals the night before). There were also many musically-talented people in the bridal party who played guitar and sang. Jon sang a romantic song to Kathryn, then she softly sang a sweet one to him, and they finished with a duet together - it was so touching! They also had a live painting done by Kristin Grant to remember their day by and the story of their relationship. The night finished off with a live jazz band and some great dance tunes and lots of funky moves.

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