Renai & Drew - March 6th

One of the reasons weddings are so special, is they officially recognize the beginning of a new family. On this day, it was the coming together of Renai & Drew, and Drew's two daughters. It was an amazing mix of connection, love and tears, which pulled on my heartstrings more than a little. The ceremony was celebrated at Gold Creek Chapel, followed by some photos on the chapel grounds, with a casual lunch reception with heartfelt speeches at Functions across the way.

Lisa & Jason - March 5th

It was a beautiful Saturday for Lisa + Jason to celebrate their marriage with their closest friends and family. The nuptials happened in the oldest building in Canberra, St. John's Church, with its new 'no pine tree' look along the walkway, which helps the view. I'm sure you'll agree with Jason in saying Lisa was a stunning bride. It was great to already know them in front of the camera from their engagement shoot, and the whole wedding party made the location shoot a breeze. The party ended up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. A bubble machine made for some fun for guests and some interesting shots, but I found bubbles not helpful for keeping a grip on the camera!