Anna & Ryan - September 25th

Canberra really is the "bush capital", as I get reminded of when I take photos from different perspectives around the centre of town. Anna & Ryan had a beautiful spring day to enjoy their celebration of love. They are a down-to-earth couple who have a lot of fun together, which made for plenty of moments to catch on camera. We took in some of the lush greenery and vistas just a few minutes from town (complete with sheep) and also took in some of the last cherry blossoms by the lake. The happy couple are now having a great time on their honeymoon in Europe.

Aislin & Steve - September 18th

I was lucky enough to get back to my homeland for the second time in just a few weeks. This time for good friends Steve & Aislin's wedding in quaint Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, at the Quamichan Inn. It was also a treat to have my fiancée, Allison, along with me (thanks for being my assistant even though you were a guest too!). It was a beautiful occasion: full of teary emotion and laughs, and luckily not full of rain, as the pouring let up in the morning and waited until after the ceremony and photos to start again. Their family includes Milo, a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog (who looked dapper in his bow tie), who was so well-behaved during the ceremony. They were a joy to photograph, with so many great moments, and love seemed to ooze through every photo together.

That's their house in the top right corner of this shot... great ocean view!

Sometimes those cute moments happen when I least expect it, like when we were about to leave in the car for our location photos.

The sun peaked out for just a few brief minutes...

We found a canoe on the beach just calling their names, so they went for a paddle...

Steve impressed us all with his musical abilities on guitar, drums and vocals as his band performed in their self-described first and last wedding gig.

Even Aislin got in on the action...

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