Fort Collins engagement photographer - Alisha & Kyle

So things have been quiet on the blog for a while, as my life has gone through some big transitions lately: first my wedding in June 2011 and then a big move again across the world from Australia to Colorado, and my new home in Fort Collins. We've settled in and are enjoying the town, the people, and the scenery it has to offer. It also means a big change for my business, so expect my blogging to be slow as I build up my business again. I've taken the time to update my website, have fun with my photography, advance my skills, and meet new people and do new things, along with being the best house-husband I can be. I'm excited about the future!

Here is an image from my first couple shoot in Fort Collins.  There are lots of great spots for photography in Fort Collins and we are so close to amazing country scenery. 

Meet Alisha & Kyle:

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