Amy & Damian - April 2nd

I will really miss the country weddings around here. It's so cool when a wedding in a small town is the big local happening of the day. This was the case for Amy & Damian's wedding in Young, NSW - cherry capital of Australia. We were wandering around the old train station before we started when we bumped into the Deputy Mayor, who had just checked out their reception venue at the Town Hall and wished us well. The town has many heritage buildings and great scenery, so lots to choose from for photos.

It was great to see Amy & Damian again, who I had done an engagement session for. I'm not sure if it's just the couples I attract, but they were another very easy-going bride and groom that were so easy to photograph. The ceremony with about 120 friends and family took place at St. Mary's Church, followed by wedding party photos close by and then the reception. Thanks also to Nick of Skipping Stone Photography for coming down from Sydney to second shoot with me.

This is my last wedding in Aus, but I will post some farewell thoughts and photos before I leave in August. But my next big thing to think about is my own wedding coming up in June! Wish me luck!

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