Louise & Will - October 30th

With the wet Spring we've had, planning for outdoor photo locations has been a bit of a guessing game. But luckily Canberra has plenty of interesting buildings that serve as more than just a back-up in case of downpours. With the bridal party we made the most of the dry time we had at the Canberra Railway Museum, before we got chased away by a deluge. We headed over to the Portrait Gallery and then to the National Museum before their reception. Of course, being such a happy day a little rain didn't dampen Louise & Will's enthusiasm and the whole party brought lots of energy to the photos.

Rebecca & Stuart - October 29th

Fiji sounds like a great place for a holiday, and it has been on my long travel 'to do' list since I've been in Australia and not so far away. So I was just a little envious when Rebecca & Stuart moved there a mere 5 days after their wedding to start a new adventure for a few years as Rebecca works for an aid organization. It seems a perfect fit for their laid-back personalities, which were evident on their sunny Friday afternoon wedding. The ceremony and reception took place at the Boathouse by the lake and we popped over to Commonwealth Park for our bridal party photos. Best of luck to the both of them in their exciting endeavours!