Kelly & Chris - 10.10.10.

Kelly & Chris have a unique story of meeting while on a Navy ship, and they’ve both been around the world while serving their country during various conflicts. And not many couples have such a cool wedding date! Let's just say these two won't ever have to try too hard to remember their anniversary.

Their ceremony took place at the Senate courtyard in Old Parliament House with cocktail reception at the National Press Club.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, thank you so much, we're thrilled with the pictures! We love the mix of traditional and artistic and you really captured the fun in the day! We can't wait to see the rest of them! Chris and Kelly Walter

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Dad 2 said...

beutiful Kelly but who's the bloke hanging around in most of the pix

Anonymous said...

Mark, you never fail to impress. Beautiful pictures!! K+D in the Maples

Anonymous said...

I am looking at these beautiful pictures and it brings tears of happiness to me.
It takes me back to the day and my heart fills with joy.
Very creative photography.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - Such beautiful people in your photos :)

What a lovely bride you are Kel and what a lovely couple you make together <3 Elly xxx