Sarah & Shehan - April 24th

A celebration of love and two families coming together: that's what weddings are about to me and this day certainly was true to that. There were lots of family and friends, as well as brights colours that pleased the eye. The bridemaids spiced up the photos with their saris, which reflect Shehan's Sri Lankan background. The ceremony at Old Parliament House got pushed inside by some wind and rain, but the bridal party were adventurous and we managed to fit lots of great outdoor photos into the end of the day while luckily avoiding getting dripped on by the ominous clouds. We played around at the Canberra Railway Museum and then Canberra Glassworks before heading to the Rydges Lakeside Hotel for the reception.

The bridal party surprised everyone, including me, with their impromptu reception entrance routine, reminiscent of the JK wedding entrance video on Youtube. Sarah & Shehan finished off with their James Bond-like antics.

Their surprise 'chariot' awaited them outside the hotel, which was actually a decorated wheelbarrow. So they took it for a spin around the block!

The fun night finished off with waves good-bye as the happy couple drove off in their actual get-away vehicle...

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