Kristie & Paul - June 13th

The Snowy Mountains beckoned this adventurous couple to have their nuptials in the alpine. Since they met on the slopes, it was very fitting to time their big day with the opening weekend of the ski hill. Besides everything 'snowflake', the theme of the event was 30's Hollywood glamour, which made for some great outfits. The couple and I headed up the chairlift for photos (something I got to do in the summer too!) where it was surprisingly warm in the sun and there was just enough snowfall from the week before to make for some fun in the snow. The ceremony then took place by Thredbo River in a park, which was a chilly 2 degrees once the sun dropped behind the hills. Luckily the park had some fire pits which guests could huddle around. Then it was off to the Alpine Hotel to warm up the feet.

View from the Thredbo Alpine Hotel, with snowblowers going full blast on the ski hill.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much Mark!
They look amazing & we can't wait to see the rest of the day.

#1 Fan said...

Amazing pictures! Very glamerous.