Autumn & Gareth - March 5th

Autumn & Gareth got some 'unlucky' Fall weather, with a large incessant cloud leaving buckets of rain over the normally parched landscape. Really, it's a nice consolation prize that rain is actually a good omen of a great marriage to come! Certainly that is a given with this couple, even without the rain. The ceremony took place at Lanyon Homestead and went off well under the confined cover of the veranda, with two aisles used to create an interesting 'V' formation. It became an intimate affair, as people passed the rings around and made wishes of happiness for the couple. Despite the rain and muck, Autumn threw caution to the wind and her then clean, white dress into the elements for our photos, and the rest of the party followed. With a slight reprieve from above (and some waterproof camera gear), we were able to use the outdoor scenery before heading into the marquee tent for the reception.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark - you captured the fun of the day perfectly. Everyone has commented that the photos are amazing. We look forward to seeing the rest of them.