Karen & Knut - November 27th

Well, I normally delve right into a description about the couple and the wedding day, but it's not every day I blog a wedding from Thailand! I'm in full vacation mode enjoying the city of Chiang Mai with Allison, but I did manage to upload photos for most of my 2010 weddings before I left so I'm trying to get those 'live' as time allows. It's all too easy to stay connected these days (which maybe isn't always a good thing).

Karen & Knut had a dry wedding day, which isn't something to take for granted this year. They were both very calm throughout the day and so everything felt natural from my perspective. The ceremony took place on a blustery Aspen Island with the reception at the National Portrait Gallery, and we explored the architecture around the ANU for our bridal party photos.

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brianna phelan said...

Love the last shot with the wedding party - cool location.