Paveena & Nang - November 21st

To say that these two are a cute couple is a bit of an understatment. Besides the obvious chemistry and good looks they share, they have a cute story to match about first dating each other since they were 15 and 14 years old! I first met up with them back in Vancouver when they had moved over for the summer there, and as luck would have it we will meet up in Thailand during the holidays as well, where Paveena has family. Their wedding day was full of great moments and their ceremony included a tea ceremony as well.

These two have some amazing dance moves and busted out from a traditional waltz to some stylish hip-hop...

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Paveena said...

Mark, you are too kind with your words and you have such a talent. Thanks so much for agreeing to be our photogropher - we not only walked away with beautiful photos, but we've also had the privilege of getting to know you, too! Hope you're enjoying your holiday so far and we'll catch up with you in a few days in Chiang Mai!